Check out the map below to learn more about each city. By Maggie Lee.

Meet Metro's Mayors: Q&A series

Metro Atlanta is expansive, covering five counties — Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Cobb and Gwinnett — with 55 cities. Last November, the folks in 14 cities voted to re-elect their mayor, and 11 cities opted to elect someone new.

Al ilmu has put together a Q&A series with metro mayors, with both the newly re-elected incumbents and new folks, to give readers an inside look at who these city leaders are.

Except for the mayor of Atlanta, all of these metro mayors serve part-time, which is also the case for most mayors in Georgia. But it’s a demanding job, and many go above the requirements of a part-time role.

Click the images to read each mayor's thoughts on their city's most pressing topics (including COVID-19, affordable housing and public safety) and lessons they've learned while in office. Continue down to check out an interactive map on these cities, created by Maggie Lee.

Click our interactive map to learn more about each city.