Social media handle: John Bradberry - Mayor of Johns Creek

Party affiliation: Municipal Elections are Non-Partisan

Salary:  $25,000

Age: 49

If you have a second job, please list it here: Small businesses owner

What inspired you to run for mayor?

I served as President of my HOA in both of my Johns Creek neighborhoods. Through this experience, my understanding of zoning and development issues led me to serve on the Johns Creek Community Association and eventually start  Preserve Johns Creek. I wanted to see the city hold to the reasons it formed in the first place, local control of a primarily residential city. My goal is a great community. That is my focus – to fully realize the original dream of The City of Johns Creek. Simply put, I ran because this is our home, and I want to make it the best that it can be. 

What are the three most pressing issues you believe your city faces? How are you addressing them? What people or entities are you enlisting to get these things done?

At our annual retreat, the council set the strategic priorities for the coming year.  They include the creation of a Town Center with a multipurpose community center, increasing our sidewalks and connectivity through TSPLOST II funds, the building of Cauley Creek Park, which will double our city greenspace, and economic development. I am working closely with staff to ensure that these priorities are kept at the forefront. We are also well on the way to increasing the number, diversity, and quality of our community events. 

Describe your main goals for your first term in office.

I had three main goals Safety First, Building Greater Community, and Forward Together.

I say Safety First because the most basic and fundamental responsibility of any government is to maintain the safety and security of its people and property. As leaders, we must support our Public Safety departments and continue to ensure that they have the resources needed to do their jobs. 

I believe there are many facets to building a greater community.  Physically, we will build many more sidewalks and trails much more quickly than ever before. Socially, we will host more culturally diverse events that engage more of our community held in more locations throughout the city.  Economically we are making it clear that Johns Creek is open and friendly to all businesses, big and small.   We are aggressively attracting and retaining businesses to Johns Creek.  

Forward Together is more of a concept than a  specific goal. I say forward together because it is more important than ever before that we look for the positive in our fellow citizens. We are a wonderfully diverse community, and I want to move us forward as one people, united in a common goal.

To what do you attribute your campaign’s success? 

I had a successful term on the City Council before running for Mayor. I had developed a list of accomplishments within the community on everything from road improvements, trails, and parks, starting the Johns Creek initiative for Health and Wellness, now called Johns Creek Vitality. Along the campaign trail, I focused on the positives of sharing what we had accomplished as a City to date and what my plans and vision were for the future.  

How will you foster a strong relationship with your constituents and ensure you are addressing their needs?

It is important to me that we bring the public along through the decision-making process. I seek feedback from as many people in our community as possible. For example, we recently had a Council Meet and Greet and open house at City Hall. I am looking to increase engagement as much as possible with every citizen so they have opportunities to participate in either solving problems or helping to build our community. I am forming several working groups out of the Mayor’s office to address and examine the city’s different challenges. 

What is the status of the Chattahoochee Greenway project, and what benefits do you expect it to bring to the community?

In February, the council authorized the execution of a Project Design and Construction Agreement with the National Parks Service (NPS) for the first segment of the Chattahoochee Greenway project.  In addition to remaining on schedule in the engineering process, the staff is working with the National Parks Service on the required approval process to construct the greenway through the Abbotts Bridge section of the Chattahoochee National Park.  The connectivity between the future Cauley Creek Park and the NPS lands along the River will be an excellent addition to our City. It will enable visitors to enjoy connecting with nature and the outdoors in a meaningful way.  

Why are you proud to call your city home?

Johns Creek is a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family.  If you have never visited, I encourage you to do so!  Check out the City Website at

Click here for a map to learn more about Johns Creek. (Created by Maggie Lee)

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