From the U.S. Senate to the Worth County Commission, almost 1,200 elected offices will be on the ballot across Georgia this year, and about 2,200 candidates have qualified to run in the May 24 primaries.

Find out what information — if any — candidates wanted published on their state qualifying form by browsing a selection of below or downloading the entire candidate list with all published information.

No physical address appears for about half the candidates on the qualifying list published online by the Georgia Secretary of State, the state’s top election official. That’s notable, because some of these offices have a residency requirement — a law that elected officials must live among their constituents in the same district.

The Secretary of State’s office actually does verify all candidates’ residency, but it leaves it up to each to decide whether their address is published online. On the one hand, doxxing is a real problem. On the other, there’s a transparency argument for informing constituents that their representatives live among them — and where.

The candidate list from the Secretary of State also does not show any candidates’ ages, even though they must supply that number on their qualifying forms. The ages are actually visible in the list’s HTML code — but they’re hidden from typical browsers. ACC has gone ahead and included everyone’s ages on the grounds that some offices have age requirements too.

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