Atlanta has stepped back from, but not abandoned, plans to boost residential density in traditional neighborhoods after receiving more than 1,000 public comments on the original proposal, according to a revised draft of the plan, released Tuesday.

The revised plan outlines what it says are more than 50 revisions that have been made in response to comments submitted since stakeholder meetings began in October 2020. The housing density issue was the subject of many comments, according to the revised plan.

However, in addition to the revisions that are highlighted in the main document, an appendix to the main document includes language on how the city intends to pursue its original density recommendations

According to language in the appendix, the city’s intent is to campaign for its original residential density proposals in two venues: The lead-up to the release of the next draft of the document, on Sept. 13; and the implementation of these concepts into the nuts-and-bolts zoning codes that guide the city’s growth and development. The entire, revised document is to be adopted in October by the Atlanta City Council.

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