A quarterly event focused on taking stock of Atlanta’s housing-related issues has been canceled thanks to growing worries of a fast-spreading coronavirus.

Fears of COVID-19, a disease spread by a novel coronavirus, have hit Atlanta hard in recent days, as major events like the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament, which was expected to wrap up at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, have been canceled.

Now, the Atlanta Regional Housing Forum has been nixed, too, according to an email blast from the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership.

The event, initially scheduled for March 19, was expected to focus on the new and emerging tools that help further affordable housing-related goals of the city, as well as efforts to identify funding sources that could support housing affordability initiatives.A panel comprised of officials from Enterprise Community Partners, the Atlanta Affordable Housing Fund, the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, and the Westside Future Fund was supposed to speak on those issues.

As of today, the forum’s June 3 event is still expected to be held at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

At the last forum, in December, housing experts discussed a new Atlanta Regional Commission-designed app that offers government officials guidance on how to boost affordable housing in metro Atlanta areas where it’s lacking.

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